Gluckluz Bird Cage Large Parrot Birdcage House Breeding Pigeon Villa Parakeet Macaw with Stand Perch for Medium Large Birds, Easy to Clean

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  • 【WARM NOTE】 Previously, uses this listing to sell pet carrier bag, that's why some comment say they receive the bag rather than bird cage. If you buy the item from Gluckluz store, you will get what's shown on detail page.
  • 【LARGE SPACE】 This Gluckluz bird cage has a large space and can accommodate medium and large birds, such as Lovebird, Melopsittacus undulatus, Nymphicus hollandicus and so on. An integrated floor stand with shelf keeps cage secure and provides extra storage space.
  • 【FOUR WHEEL STAND】 With the stand, this cage can be moved easily, causing little disruption for your bird. Easy-to-clean and detachable tray for easy cleaning. Plastic cups and wood perches are included. Unique, hinged front door design controls access into the cage.
  • 【SAFE DESIGN】 With caged door, you could employ a lock (NOT INCLUDED) to prevent birds from escaping. The large parrot birdcage provides a beautiful and sweet house for your beloved birds, and also provide an elegant decor for your house.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】 This Gluckluz bird cage employs ABS plating, anti-rust technology, strong quality, not easy to damage. The bird cage comes with environmentally friendly food containers, easy-cleaning detachable trays, food-grade health care materials to ensure the health of birds. A spacious and sleek home for your small-medium sized bird.