Gluckluz Cat Bed House Basket Nest Kennel Pet Scratcher Scratching Scratch Mat Pad Cotton Rope Woven Cute Washable for Kitten Puppy Small Dogs Indoor Play Sleep Winter Summer (White & Grey)

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  • 【Comfortable】This good round pet kennel for medium cats is cozy, squishy and firm. Meanwhile, the cat nest should be well constructed and improve pet's sleep quality, let them snuggle down between the base and the wall stays warm. So, the material used in this cat basket for cat is important. Nest basket cat pet bed.
  • 【Cat Scratch】The cat sleep mat is carefully woven into a spiral shape by cotton rope. The pet bed is solid enough to stand up. Cotton rope of this cat bed is tightened and has good scratch resistance. Even if a part of the stitch is broken, the cat basket will not fall apart. Very durable. So this cat nest can be used as a cat scratching board, give your lovely cat molars and grinding claws. bed cat nest pet basket.
  • 【100% Cotton】The cat house is woven from natural cotton, sleek minimalist design. The pet basket contains no formaldehyde, no smell, Eco friendly, and has no carcinogens. The dog basket is breathable, universal for the four seasons, cool in summer and warm in winter. The cat nest can be cleaned with detergent and used after it is completely dry. pet nest cat bed basket.
  • 【Size】The cat bed is a round cat bed, Size: 40 * 40 * 16cm. This pet bed is suitable for cats and small dogs. This cat nest is pet friendly. In addition to being suitable for cats, it is also used in other pets. cat pet bed basket nest.
  • 【Reliable Warranty】 Before purchase, please make sure the size of our cat bed is your need. Our Gluckluz Service Team offers 24 hours prompt friendly and professional online customer service. If you have any problem, doubt or suggestion, please kindly feel free to contact us by email, we will do our best to help you!