Mumoo Bear 100pcs Pet Pee Pads Disposable Absorbent Quick Drying Pads for Potty Training 45 x 33cm

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  • Dog and Puppy Training Pads are here to make house training your puppy and living with incontinent dogs easier. They are 100% more absorbent than our standard economy pads.
  • Each pad measures 33 * 45cm (100Pack),Great for training puppies, assisting aging dogs, or as an alternative to the outdoors for indoor dogs.
  • 100% leak free with durable waterproof plastic layer to protect your floor or carpet from damages, making home clean up far easier.
  • MATERIAL: non-woven fabric and bottom polyethylene film/Approx,Super clean and comfortable mat for your puppy/High quality soft non-woven fabric.
  • Pure pulp and water absorbent provide maximum absorption/Easy to dispose of,Non-woven fabric top layer for fast absorbency, which absorbs liquid instantly and prevent overflow.