Mumoo Bear Breast Milk Storage Bags 8 Oz 200 ml Self Standing Leak Proof Breastmilk Storage Bag, 112 Count

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  • ❤ Perforated line for easy straight line tear - We designed the tear area to have perforated line making it easier to tear open and it always tears in a straight line every time.
  • ❤ Hygienically pre-sealed - All breast milk bags have been medically gamma sterilized and vacuum packed. They are ready to use and do not need to be cleaned again.
  • ❤Leak proof - we strive to ensure that your bags won’t leak and waste away those precious breast milk. We know how hard it is to lose those precious breast milk. Our designer designed a double zipper for the breast milk bag to ensure that breast milk does not leak easily.
  • ❤ Safety guaranteed - We ensure all our bags are made of Medical grade FBA approved material that the safety for your baby is at our upmost concern when designing these breast milk storage bags.
  • ❤ Accurate measurement lines and front facing writeable tabs - We made sure to measure the weight of milk when we designed this bags to ensure the measuring lines are accurate. Our tabs also face you so that you can write details in easily.