Mumoo Bear Candy Colour Square Kennel House Eco-friendly Dog Bed, Red

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  • SQUARE PET BED FOR DOGS AND CATS: The cozy pet bed is made for any sized dog or cat. It is available in Blue, Gray and Brown to match any home decor. Choose from small, medium, or large depending on the size of your fur baby.
  • REMOVABLE and REVERSIBLE PILLOW: The Pet Bed features a two-part design. The first part is its bed base and raised sides that act as a comfortable headrest for your pet. The second part of the design is its cushioned pillow that lay’s in the bed base.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE CONSTRUCTION: This luxury square pet couch is lightweight and portable. Bring it with you when you travel to keep your best fur-covered friend comfortable. If you have an anxious pet, bringing their bed while traveling will keep them calm, comforted, and well-rested making your vacation more enjoyable.
  • RAISED SIDES and SOFT BULKY FILLING: This pillow bed is designed with raised sides to prevent your puppy or kitten from rolling or flopping out, and to reduce chilly drafts that will make your pets cold. The sides and elevated mattress cushion is stuffed with an ultra-soft, plush material.