Mumoo Bear Cat Litter Mat,Super Cute Cat Feeding Placemat for Puppy Pet Food Catching

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  • The material of the cat litter pad is made of PVC mesh elastic fiber material. This fiber fabric is not only thick and durable, but also soft and breathable. It also has stable strong anti-skid effect, so the cat litter mat will not be easy. Moved, the non-slip bottom keeps it in place. It is very practical all year round.
  • After laboratory testing, our cat litter mat does not contain BPA and phthalate. In addition, the cat litter mat ensures that your floor is clean and gives your pet a clean and comfortable space to move.
  • The size of the cat litter pad is 24x16 inch, which is suitable for playing with pet cats or small dogs on cat litter mats. In addition, there are three cute kitten patterns on the cat litter mat that can appeal to our pet cats