Mumoo Bear Dog Treat Dispensing Ball Toy Interactive IQ Treat Training Toy Squeaky Dispenser Ball for Dogs

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  • LEAKAGE BALLS: These balls don’t require any batteries – they produce sounds by convection and internal magnetic force which allows the dog to play with this ball for a year's
  • YOUR DOG'S FAVORITE: Trust us when we say that your dog will love you for getting him this toy! An innovative and eye-catching vocal toy ball will definitely be his favorite.
  • HEALTHY FOR HIS TEETH: With its sturdy composition, your dog can chew this toy ball which will eventually strengthen and clean his teeth – hence, dental care is definitely a bonus!
  • BEST TIME PASS: Your dog will forget the word “boredom” with his new toy ball. This will help him pass his time in a more productive manner and will tame his wild nature.
  • FILL IT WITH SNACKS: Our pet dog balls come with yellow holes embedded in them which can be filled with dog food or snacks to the top – this will make it easy for the food to fall out of it and will spike his interest.