Mumoo Bear Electric Pet Grooming Clipper Kit

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  • Super quality - Our pet hair clipper uses professional titanium acute-angle blade combining with ceramic blade, advanced 30 degree acute angle blade cutting technology, sharp, durable and less fever, higher shearing efficiency.
  • Precision clippers - The 24-tooth precision cutter head is suitable for the hair of all kinds of dog pets. Easy to get into the hair, strong shearing force, will shave clean pet hair very well and will not pull the hair.
  • Easier to use - R-shaped obtuse angled cutter head, will not hurt the pet during use. With 4 limit combs (3-6-9-12mm), and the cutter head can be fine-tuned in 5 steps (adjustable 0.8-2mm), even if you are an inexperienced novice, you can also easily shave your pet.
  • Quiet and convenient - Light weight and cordless design for easy to use, even if you forget to charge, we provide a charger that plugs in and can be used immediately. The sound is very low when working, to avoid the dog being scared.