Mumoo Bear Large and Small Parrot Toy - Multicolored Wooden Blocks Tearing Toys for Birds

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  • NECESSARY TOYS -Every bird is a chewer. If your love birds enjoy spending time undoing the knots and dismantling the toy,this item is one of the best choice for you. This product is colorful, well-made, with many bells and peices of wood, which can attract your birds to play all the time.
  • WELL MADE: They are sturdy, bright, and simple enough to not overwhelm your birdies, the colors are vivid and the assortment of wood,rattan balls,beads and bells keep her interested. NOTE:Color random.
  • SAFE TO CHEW: It is important for the avian species that we keep to have something to chew on. In the wild, they engage in chiseling holes and tearing up branches. This is something innate to them. Our wooden blocks chew toys are made from wood and dyed by edible pigments.
  • MULTIPLE USAGE: they are designed to let your birds have fun while also offer exercise opportunities for your birds to keep healthy and fit. It is suggested for Parakeets,Cockatiels,Conures and Love Birds.
  • Easy to Install: The included metal buckle holds this toy in place. It's convenient to put on these little toys in the cage. Its crunch potential is ideal for small parrots and birds.