Mumoo Bear Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Lazy Small Acrylic Gold Fish Tank Desktop Transparent Betta Fish Tank Ecological Naked Tank

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  • fish tank use environmentally friendly acrylic high-quality materials, no odor, wear-resistant, non-slip, high transparency, can nurture a variety of hydroponic plants, which is beneficial to the fish breeding environment
  • unplug thesmall fish tank water outlet plug underneath, the water and stains can be drained, and then pour clean water in to complete the water change, convenient design, born for laziness
  • desktop fish tank, small and cute, can be placed on the desk, coffee table, living room
  • eco fish tankit can raise a variety of hydroponic plants, which is conducive to the environment for fish farming, putting two little fighting fish in it can add a lot of fun
  • self-cleaning and no water change function, a glass of water a day, oxygenation and filtration are all done!