Mumoo Bear Strong Suction Fish Tank Magnetic Brush Aquarium Glass Remover Double-Sided Cleaning Brush Magnet Aquarium Cleaner

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  • Brand : Other
  • Species : Fish
  • Type : Cleaning & Odor Control Supplies
  • Sub Type : Brushes & Combs
  • Good helper and easy to clean algae and scum off of the inside of your aquarium
  • Strong magnetic forces cause the inside cleaning brush to follow the outside handle. Just wipe the outside, then both inside and outside are cleaned
  • The inside piece floats, so if it becomes separated from the outside piece, it's easy to retrieve.
  • Soft flannel, protecting the outer wall of the cylinder, abrasion and non-slip Clean the inner wall of the cylinder stubborn green moss algae and other dirt, do not damage the glass easier to clean